Back To School Supply List

Back To School Supply List
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It’s that time of year again and school is right around the corner. Indian River Select® Brand has put together a general school supply lists for all grade levels If you want to send your kids back to school (or off to college!) with the right stuff, head out with this convenient shopping lists or order it all online. Either way, everything is here for a standard good start. Just remember to check with teachers and the school for any special requests or restrictions.  Make sure your little ones start their day off with a health balanced breakfast and their favorite glass of juiceCheck here to see what stores have your Indian River Select® Brand juice on sale right now!

Glue stick
No. 2 pencils
Colored pencils
Box of crayons
Water-based markers
Ballpoint pens
Loose-leaf notebook paper
Pocket folders
Printer paper
Drawing paper
Construction paper
A plastic ruler with English and metric measurements
Pencil sharpener
School box (for storing items)
Scotch tape
Here are some additional items middle and high school students usually need:
Two combination locks (one for the hall locker and one for the gym locker)
Binder dividers

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