Healthy Ways To Prepare You For Spring

Healthy Ways To Prepare You For Spring
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Spring is almost here according to our calendar (and hopefully the weather will reflect it) so it’s time to say goodbye to rich soups, stews, pastas and feel-good desserts and prepare for a lighter and more health oriented season.  It’s no surprise we tend to hibernate and some of our eating habits get thrown to the way side.  Aside from the weather, some of our most challenging holidays are thrown in there as well. Eating healthy is important and certainly drinking your Indian River Select® Brand juice daily, but there are other factors that come in to play as well.

  1. Opt for in season, local produce!
  2. Go Outside! Get fresh air and enjoy the spring weather.
  3. Clean out your medicine cabinet.  Get rid of expired or unused medicines.
  4. Start Your Own Garden.
  5. Allergy Proof Your House
  6. Take 30 minutes to yourself each day.
  7. Replace old running or workout shoes (clothes too if you’re up for a shopping spree)
  8. Throw out old or unused makeup.
  9. Clean out a closet and donate unused clothing.
  10. Make grocery shopping lists to include your daily requirements of fruits and veggies. (One 8-ounce glass of 100% Indian River Select® Brand orange juice provides at least 100 percent of the Daily Value of Vitamin C)
  11. Limit your TV time.  It’s getting warm, spend more time doing activities that don’t involve television!  Play some games or do some crosswords even!
  12. Make daily to-do lists and if the weather is right, add something outdoors each day.
  13. Make some annual doctor appointments

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