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grapefruit and juice in glassIndian River Select® Brand has partnered with board certified doctors, dietitians and fitness professionals to create a heart-healthy diet that can help you:

Lose up to 19 pounds in just 13 weeks

Reduce your risk for heart disease

Reduce your risks for cancer

Enjoy great-tasting, satisfying, natural foods

The diet includes Indian River Select®’s Brand 100% Florida Grapefruit juice which is high in nutrients and exploding with flavor. But has no fat, no cholesterol and no refined sugar – making it the perfect part of a heart-healthy diet.

Study Shows: Lose 19 pounds in 13 Weeks!

Don’t just take our word for it! We collaborated with a team of health professionals including:

  • Lawrence J. Cheskin, M.D., F.A.C.P. is a board-certified internist based in Baltimore, Maryland who specializes in weight management.
  • Cynthia Finely, R.D., L.D. is a licensed dietitian, nutritionist and weight loss specialist.
  • Kimberly Chupurdia, Ph.D. is a behavioral psychologist specializing in weight loss.
  • Deborah Lander, M.S. is an exercise physiologist specializing in weight loss.

The study worked with 45 adults over 13 weeks who took our challenge and followed the Grapefruit Diet. On average, participants lost 19 pounds over that 13 week span!

I lost 20 pounds two and a half years ago following your Florida’s Heart Healthy Diet and have kept it off! Thank you for a delicious product! — Teresa from Tallahassee, FL

Not a Fad Diet – a Real Lifestyle Changegrapefruit-diet-slide

Following the diet is simple. We give you a meal plan that covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks every day and includes three daily servings of Indian River Select® Brand Premium Grapefruit Juice.

Unlike fad diets and plans that require a special “supplement” or frozen and processed meals, our Indian River Select® Brand Grapefruit Juice Diet is full of suggestions (including recipes!) for real, fresh and natural foods that you can grab on the go or prepare at home using ingredients found at your local grocery store.

During the spring, I was on the grapefruit diet. It was not only very healthy eating, very easy to follow and prepare, never hungry. Seems the weight was gone without trying. Have recommended this diet to many others. Thank you for your promoting healthy and nutritious eating. — Norman from OK


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