How To Spend A Healthy Valentine’s Day

How To Spend A Healthy Valentine’s Day
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Valentine’s Day seems like one of the easiest days to indulge in sweets, treats, and over the top dinners, but this is also heart healthy month!  Eating healthy and being physically active doesn’t have to stop on Valentine’s Day.  This time indulge your sweetheart with a heart-healthy gift or date.

  1. Meal modifications!  Feel free to make special requests. Ask the waiter if they can put the sauce on the side – or to substitute veggies for the french fries. Find out if your meal can be made without butter, oil or salt…anything that could help cut down on calories.
  2. Quality time is one of the most meaningful gifts. Bundle up and plan an active outing such as sledding, ice skating, gathering wood for a fire, or if you’re feeling adventurous, visit an indoor rock wall.
  3. Sharing is caring – if you go out for a romantic dinner date, order one entrée to share. Many restaurant servings are enough for two – splitting will keep you from overdoing it.
  4. Practice portion control.  Remember that restaurant sizes are often larger than normal. Consider eating half of your meal and putting the rest in a doggie bag.
  5. Prepare your own meal.  It is an excellent way to control what and how much you eat. Take a date to a local cooking class to practice your skills or learn a new technique.
  6. Think love, think red.  Red bell peppers, radicchio, cherries, strawberries, red beans, red onions and tomatoes, for example, are all packed with vitamins, cancer-fighting antioxidants or cholesterol-busting fiber and protein. In addition, a daily glass of red wine is believed to help reduce the risk of blood clots and keep the cardiovascular system in shape. So forgo that cocktail, which can be loaded with sugar, and have a glass of red wine instead (and ask if they serve a light version).
  7.  Snack away: Keep your hunger and cravings at bay by having a few healthy, low-carb snacks on hand throughout the day and you won’t be as hungry by dinner.
  8. Do not completely deprive yourself.  Valentine’s Day is a time for laughter, fun and food. Having a small slice of cake or a couple truffles will not lead to weight gain. Moderation is key. And if you do pop the lid off that box of chocolates this Valentine’s Day, don’t feel guilty.
  9.  Do A Fruit Basket if you and your loved one are trying to lose or maintain weight, chocolate will not be the best gift to give this Valentine’s.

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