Tips To Get Ready For Trick or Treaters

Tips To Get Ready For Trick or Treaters
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With Halloween we usually think of preparing our trick or treaters for a safe night out.  We worry about all of the candy they’ll receive and in turn the parent tax may encounter, but a lot of parents and people stay home on Halloween and delight in giving out treats and spreading the spooky fun.  It’s always great to decorate and have an inspired time, but it’s important to make your house safe and fun for those trick or treaters.  Here are some idea’s to get the ball rolling.

  1. Secure railings. Young children, and the adults who often accompany them, will need the security and support of railings while climbing steps to get to your front door. If you’ve been putting off fixing that rickety railing, it’s time to get out the toolbox and make it secure.
  2. Avoid using fire.  Instead of real candles use a battery powered one. This has the double effect of not being blown out by the wind either!
  3. Keep your pets locked up.  Even if you have the most friendly dog some people are terrified of animals.  Keep them in the basement or back yard for a few hours while you have guests. Cats too!  You don’t want them to escape!
  4. Clear Your Sidewalk.  Be sure your yard is free of tripping hazards like hoses and sprinklers, clear walkways of loose gravel, and be sure to clean moss off steps.
  5. Park your car in the garage.  Studies suggest that criminal activity has been found to be higher than normal on three specific days of the year: New Year’s Eve, Independence Day, and…Halloween. It’s worth taking a few minutes to clear a space in your garage in order to secure your car indoors on Halloween night.
  6. Clear anything breakable or of value out of the way for the evening.  This will avoid an accidental whoops for a young child, or something important to be taken or broken by vandals.
  7. Decorate!  Have a good old time engaging in the festivities whether you want to make it spooky and scary or silly and fun!
  8. Make sure you have enough treats.  You don’t want to run out early.  Better to have too much than too little. Also consider food allergies and keep a few items that have no nuts and maybe some dairy free as well.
  9. You dress up too!  Have some fun!  It’s the one night a year even adults can get in on some of the kiddo fun.

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