10 Good Daily Habits

10 Good Daily Habits
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The first thing we do with babies is attempt to get them on a schedule, and from there on out struggle to give them that sense of structure.  All through childhood routine and a daily schedule is encouraged to keep them motivated and give them a sense of security.  Is it too far fetched to say adults need the same thing?  Adults certainly can benefit from a sense of routine and daily good habits that will uplift you each day.  Here are 10 daily habits that can kick-start you into a better mood and more productive atmosphere.

  1. Wake up early.
  2. Make your bed every day.
  3. Work out or exercise often
  4. Drink at least one glass of water per day.
  5. Make daily lists or plans
  6. Set weekly goals and post them somewhere visible.
  7. Try one new thing everyday.
  8. Be especially nice to strangers.
  9. Before bed think of three things you did well that day.
  10. Send a text or email to someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile.

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