100% Juice Does Not Always Mean No “Flavor Packs”

100% Juice Does Not Always Mean No “Flavor Packs”

No artificial flavoring or chemicals added is what we all strive for when it comes to premium juice and most of us are happy to pay a few extra dollars knowing we’re drinking the healthier better tasting juice. We see 100% juice and that’s what we think no sugar or water added, but we also don’t expect flavor packets.  Perhaps some premium juices aren’t lying, but they certainly aren’t telling the whole truth and their advertisements are misleading.

What you may no know is that many premium juices you are buying are heavily processed and ENGINEERED.  What?  Flavor packs?  100% juice uses flavor packs?  How is this possible?  It’s absolutely true.  Watch the video below and it may surprise you.


Not all juices use these flavor packets.  Indian River Select® Brand Premium Juices DO NOT use flavor packs! If you really want to know what you are drinking, further investigation is recommended.  But what can you do to make sure you are getting what is advertised or implied?

You will want to know where your juice comes from!  Our juice is 100% from Florida.  This is what the Fresh from Florida Sunshine and the Florida Orange Tree logos on the label mean.  “Other brands” that do not have those logos on their label, bring in their juice from Brazil and/or Mexico but do not reveal it and try to give the impression it is from Florida.  Only juice from Florida can have those logos.  No logo = not from Florida.

Read labels carefully and always check out your favorite juices website and read what you can about their manufacturing process.  If health and true 100% juice is what you want then as a consumer you should get what you pay for.

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