25 Days Of Family Christmas Activities

25 Days Of Family Christmas Activities
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Stuff to do with the family this holiday season?  Between shopping, cooking, shopping, wrapping, shopping, planning, shopping, shopping, and more shopping, how does one find time for “family fun” during the holidays, as busy as they are?  The most important part of holidays is being with family and yet we find it very difficult to actually enjoy the season together because we’re so busy.  Set up 25 days of Christmas and schedule one of these activities for the whole family.

  1. Write a letter to Santa.
  2. Drive around looking at decorations
  3. Go to a Christmas Tree lighting
  4. Make Paper Snowflakes
  5. Read Christmas stories
  6. Have a Christmas movie marathon
  7. Go Christmas shopping together
  8. Play in the snow
  9. Throw a Christmas party
  10. Make gingerbread houses
  11. Build snowmen
  12. Decorate the house and tree together
  13. Go Christmas caroling
  14. Make your own ornaments
  15. Visit Santa
  16. Bake and decorate cookies
  17. Run a Christmas 5K as a family
  18. Roast Marshmallows
  19. Leave your mailman, garbage man, and neighbors small gifts
  20. Make spiced cider
  21. Bring healthy holiday treats to school or work
  22. Send Christmas Cards
  23. Go Sledding
  24. Drink Hot Chocolate
  25. Volunteer Together

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