5 Ways to Gear Up Your Child for Spring Sports

5 Ways to Gear Up Your Child for Spring Sports
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Spring sports season is almost upon us and your child is about to get out there on the field and show off some skills. But don’t just let him hit the field cold. Gearing up for the spring season can help him avoid an injury that could bench him for months.

Start with a Healthy Diet

Your little one needs the right nutrition to stay strong, focused, and in the game. Plenty of organic fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, meat, poultry, fish, and healthy fats can give your growing child the vitamins, minerals, and protein necessary for proper muscle function and recovery.

Get a Physical Before the Season Starts

Even if your child has no signs of ill health, it’s important to get a physical before the season starts. This way, if there are any hidden health concerns, you can address them before your child gets out on the field.

Don’t Go from the Couch to the Field

It’s never a good idea to go from sitting in front of the computer to running around on the field. Have your child prepare for the upcoming frenzy of activity by practicing his sport of choice at home a few weeks before the season stars.

Make Sure to Warm up First

Make sure your child warms up with 5-10 minutes of light cardiovascular activity before stretching and then hold each gentle stretch for 30 seconds. This helps keep muscles limber to avoid tears and strain.

Stay Hydrated the Right Way

A lot of the popular sports drinks contain synthetic sweeteners, food dyes, and a whole lot of sugar. Choose coconut water for electrolyte balance and always keep plenty of plain water on hand.

These tips can keep your child healthy, happy, and enjoying her sport of choice this season and beyond!

Written by: Jaime Heidel, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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