9 Reasons To Eat More Grapefruit

9 Reasons To Eat More Grapefruit

February has been coined as National Grapefruit Month because it’s a fruit packed with a very powerful healthy punch.   Both grapefruit and grapefruit juice provide healthy benefits to your body such as essential nutrients, aiding in weight loss, keeping your heart healthy and promoting healthy skin! So grab a glass of Indian River Select Grapefruit Juice and drink up for these important reasons:

1. It boosts the immune system

Half a grapefruit provides almost 80% of your daily recommended intake of vitamin C – and vitamin C is vital for a strong immune system, so you’re prepared to fight off minor coughs, colds and infections, and more able to grow and repair tissues in the body.

2. It can help banish kidney stones

Naringenin is a natural compound found in grapefruits (it’s what gives it that bitter taste), and has been found to combat the growth of kidney stones. Although you’d need to drink a litre of grapefruit juice a day to feel the full effects.

3. It helps with weight loss

Dieters and weight-loss fiends the world over swear by grapefruit slices for breakfast, and it’s true, the pink fruit can help with weight loss. Not because it’s ‘magical’ but because it’s full of enzymes, water and fiber – all of which help you feel full up for longer, and less likely to reach for the biscuit tin.

4. Helps fight gum disease

In 2005, the British Dental Journal announced that eating two grapefruits a day could prevent – and possibly reverse – the damage caused by gum disease. They can reduce gum bleeding and the extra hit of vitamin C is great for mouth health to boot.

5. Cuts stress

If you don’t like the sharp taste of grapefruit, give it a sniff instead. The Japanese Journal of Psychopharmacology found the smell of citrus fruits was able to induce calm behavior in mice and the findings suggest that citrus can have a soothing effect on humans, too.

6. Cleanse your liver

Eating grapefruit regularly can help rid the liver of toxins that can make you feel unwell and sluggish, and this in turn can help alleviate chronic conditions, from depression to headaches.

7. Fight prostate cancer

Not only can grapefruit boost liver health, it can even go so far as to prevent prostate cancer. It’s the antioxidants found in the fruit that tackle carcinogens. Miraculously, drinking three glasses of grapefruit juice a day has been shown to reverse and prevent the damage caused by smoking.

9. Good for heart health

A glass of grapefruit juice a day has also been shown to boost heart health. It is full of flavanones, which can help improve the structure of blood vessel walls, which helps get better blood flow to the heart.

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