Daily Holiday Stress Relievers

Daily Holiday Stress Relievers
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There’s a lot of extra around the holiday season: gifts to purchase, people to interact with, places to go, and money to come up with. But feeling stressed isn’t a product of all of these tasks and interactions. It’s a product of the meaning you give to it. When we perceive events (or tasks or people) as overwhelming, we start to feel like it’s just too much to handle. We may even question if we can indeed, cope. This creates stress.  Don’t let stress be the culprit for illness this holiday season.  There are some simple daily tools you can use to make it a lot less overwhelming.

  1. Help out.  Donate your time, belongings, or just help someone in need during the season.  There is not a more fulfilling gift.
  2. Keep healthy snacks handy.  Eat healthy snacks daily.  It will keep you full and given you the right energy you need and it will be easier to turn down some of those naughty holidays treats around the office.
  3. Eat breakfast. Every day.  It can be hectic and it’s easy to skip, but it really is the most important meal of the day.  Settle down for 15 minutes and eat.
  4. Make sure you sleep.  You can never catch up on lost sleep and there isn’t enough caffeine to compensate for a night of lost sleep.  Get yourself into a routine and stick to it.
  5. Spend time with family and friends.  Not just obligatory gatherings.  Have a quick coffee or lunch with an old friend, go shopping with your mom, or pay a surprise visit to your grandparents.
  6. Exercise.  Just like breakfast, exercising is no myth. It gives you energy and boosts your mood.  Whether it is just walking or hitting the gym make sure you take a few days a week to keep your body moving.
  7. Eat before a party.  Don’t stuff your face, but have a snack and an 8 ounce glass of water and you’ll be less likely to over indulge at parties!
  8. Every morning name something you are grateful for and every night before bed think of something kind you did that day.
  9. Take a least 15 minutes for yourself once a day.  Even if that means reading in the bathroom.  Everyone needs a little solitude.  Take yours.
  10. Don’t set unrealistic goals or expectations.  This will set all you’ve achieved in backwards motion.

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