16 Different Ways To Use Your Oranges

16 Different Ways To Use Your Oranges
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It turns out oranges are more than just a great-tasting source of vitamin C. It’s an absolute shame to throw out the orange peels when you are finished eating it, or any of the other parts. There are so many fun and interesting ways you can use oranges for fun DIY projects.  Did you know that you can use it for kindling, mosquito killer, make oils, and even use it as a deterrent to keep neighborhood cats out of your yard? Start some family projects and use all of the wonders that oranges bring us, not just the amazing taste and healthy benefits. Here’s some ideas to bring a little orange aroma in your home and enjoy being crafty as well.  But mostly, have fun!

  1. Eat them
  2. Use the zest for spices and cooking.
  3. Make your own citrus cleaner.  There are a surprising amount of DIY’s with recipes for this!
  4. Face masks!
  5. Make orange herbal tea!
  6. Make your own orange citrus oils.
  7. Compost it!
  8. Stove Top Potpourri.
  9. Put an orange peel at the bottom of your garbage can to curb the smell.  Citrus has a very strong odor.
  10. Make orange peels dipped in chocolate for a fun dessert.
  11. Fire!  Use a dried orange peel for kindling.
  12. Clean your garbage disposal with peels by putting them in a grinding them up.
  13. Bath oils and powders.
  14. It’s odors can keep mosquito’s, ants, and even slugs away.
  15. Use the peels for fun art experiments with your children.
  16. Keep cats off your grass. Make a mixture of orange peels and coffee grounds and distribute it around the cats most visited location.  If the problem persists, repeat.

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