Everything You Need To Prepare For Halloween

Everything You Need To Prepare For Halloween

Over the years we’ve spent a good deal of time on Halloween.  It’s a fun holiday tradition, but it is also the green light for all of the other winter holiday’s to begin.  With that comes apprehension for parents and everyone alike.  The challenges to make healthy eating choices, the stress of shopping, decorating, and doing everything on time, and of course just taking safety precautions for the dangers that each new season and holiday brings.  We’ve included a collaboration of several of the “Halloween” articles we’ve shared over the year, all in one place and easy for you to access.  This will cool your typing fingers and allow to read all you need to prepare yourself and yours for Halloween 2017!

10 Halloween Candy Alternatives

Candy, candy, candy – the kids get so excited about candy for Halloween. As parents, we don’t want our kids to overload on sugar because it’s just not good for them. And honestly, how many candy bars can your kids really eat? So why not try these edible and non-edible Halloween treat ideas that are healthy, but still fun for the kids. After all, they might even enjoy a change from the same old chocolate treats!  For more READ HERE!

TRICK OR TROUBLE: 10 Halloween Safety Tips

Your health and safety are our first priority here at Indian River, so we not only want you to pick up a glass of Indian River Select Juice each and every day to promote good health, but we want to keep you safe as well. Today, our guest blogger provides you with some safety tips to keep you and the kiddos safe this Halloween.It’s not just the trick or treating that makes Halloween fun for me, it’s also my birthday! My husband can actually say he’s married to a witch and get away with it! As a child I spent my birthdays trick or treating & as an adult walking with the kids as they went door to door. The number one rule for us was only going to houses that had their lights on. Here are some Halloween safety tips:  For more READ HERE!

Fun Halloween Drinks For Your Next Party

There are many different flavors that remind us of Halloween. What’s better than to create amazing cocktails to accompany the Halloween season and to add some fun to the celebration? We’ve pulled together three Halloween cocktail recipes for you to try!  For the recipes READ HERE! 

Candy, Candy, and more Candy. How To Handle Halloween

You want to let kids indulge and enjoy Halloween, you’re not the Grinch after all. On the other hand, you don’t want to undermine all the work you do the rest of the year maintaining a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. And you don’t want to confuse kids with mixed messages.

Here are some ways for moms and dads to set limits and keep kids from going overboard on the Halloween treats. Read More Here!

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