Fit For The Holidays

Fit For The Holidays


It’s easy to see why exercise takes the back burner during the holiday season with so much to do and many parties to attend.  It’s also easy to see why your clothes start to fit a little more snug at this time of the year.  Making the time to get your workouts in during this busy time won’t just keep your weight in check, it will also make you feel healthier and is a great stress reliever.

Here Are a Few Simple Tips to Help You Stay Fit During the Holidays:

  • Weekday Fitness: Weekends tend to be full during the holiday season, so focus on weekday fitness.
  • Make a Plan:  Put your workouts on the calendar as you would do with all of your other engagements.  Hit the gym first thing in the morning or enjoy a peaceful walk or run in the cool, crisp air, it’s a perfect way to organize your thoughts and plans for the day. If your plan is to exercise after work, pack your gym bag the night before with everything that you will need, don’t forget a pre/post workout snack.
  • Fitness Challenge: Take part in a 30-day fitness challenge (squat challenge, little black dress challenge, etc) or start your own.  Include friends, colleagues, and family for some competition; it will give you something fun to talk about over the punch bowl!
  • Be Realistic:  Chances are you aren’t going to get your Saturday morning long run in if you are also hosting a brunch for 12 on the same day.  Chances are also slim that you aren’t going to get that run in if you are out late on Friday night, and that’s okay. The health benefits of 30 minutes of lifestyle activity (taking the stairs, walking the dogs, housework, dancing, the list goes on) are astounding.  And during the mayhem of the holidays it adds up very quickly.  Of course, you can always run on Sunday.
  • Food Choices: It’s very easy to overindulge at this time of the year.  As with your fitness, focus also on weekday eating.  Eat well-balanced, nutritionally dense foods and drink plenty of water.  When eating at parties load-up from the veggie plate first and socialize away from the buffet table.  You have worked hard all year, so making good food choices over the holidays will no doubt make you feel better and your waist line, come 2014, will thank you for it!

Written by: Keri Cawthorne, Owner, Iron Mountain Movement


About the Author:

Keri resides with her family in Maple Ridge, BC, Canada. Owner of Iron Mountain Movement, avid runner and writer, you can usually find Keri playing in the trails.

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