Florida Orange production holds steady in December forecast

Florida Orange production holds steady in December forecast

Things are looking good for Florida citrus at the end of the year. Our friends at Florida Citrus have posted an article predicting an increase for this final month of the year on Florida’s Citrus crops, so get ready to enjoy the rest of your winter full of your favorite Indian River Select® Brand Orange Juice in your refrigerator.  Read the article below for details!

In its December forecast, the National Agricultural Statistics Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture projected the Florida Orange crop will hold steady at 72 million boxes for the 2016-17 season.

The report predicts a slight decrease in the state’s grapefruit production, down 3 percent to 9.3 million boxes.

According to Shannon Shepp, executive director of the Florida Department of Citrus: “In the past couple of seasons we’ve seen dramatic drops in the estimate during the early months following the October forecast. The fact that we remain stable is a positive sign for growers and consumers as we continue to provide the world’s best 100 percent orange juice.”

The FDOC, which is partially funded by box taxes paid by the state’s citrus growers, serves as the chief marketing and promotion arm for the industry.

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