Foods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer

Foods That Help Prevent Breast Cancer

We all want to be as healthy as we can be, without giving up the things that taste good. Below you will find some foods that promote good overall health and will help prevent breast cancer. Along with these, don’t forget to pick up a glass of Indian River Select Juice each and every morning to start your day off the healthy way.

According to, breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women, except for skin cancers. Statistics show that about 1 in 8 women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, we want you to know there are ways you may be able to prevent breast cancer by what you eat!


The spice contained in curry contains a certain chemical known as curcumin. Curcumin combined with drug-based therapy can play a role in fighting breast cancer tumors. Additionally, curcumin also has an anti-inflammatory effect that can protect your overall health. Foods such as broccoli, onions, and garlic are the best sources.


Another great food for breast cancer prevention is broccoli. Broccoli helps to block tumor growth and prevents the cancer from spreading.


Garlic is another important food when it comes to breast cancer prevention. Garlic contains allyl sulfide, which has an impact on cell cycling. Cell cycling is “the process by which a normal, healthy cell might become cancerous.” (


The outside peel of the apple is filled with antioxidants, fiber, and can fight the spread of cancer cells. Gala apples are the best type of apples to eat for breast cancer prevention!


Pomegranates contain certain compounds that can help fight cancer growth. Either fruit form or juice form can help prevent breast cancer!


It’s on the unexpected side, but walnuts can help prevent breast cancer as well! Walnuts have nutrients and omega-3 fatty acids which help to fight inflammation, and may slow the growth of breast cancer tumors.


Fish is a great source of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids. It’s important to eat fish oils on a daily basis.


Ground flaxseed contains lignans, which may decrease cancer growth. Use ground flaxseed by sprinkling it on salads, muffins, or including it in smoothies.

Orange Colored Fruits and Vegetables

Adding more carrots, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe can also help to prevent breast cancer. These foods contain vitamin A which is known as carotenoids. Studies have shown that individuals who have higher levels of carotenoids seem to be at lower risk for breast cancer.


Berries are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which can help prevent breast cancer. Blueberries, especially, can help with prevention by “enhancing the effect of the often prescribed drug called tamoxifen in fighting breast cancer cells.” (

Green Tea

Last, but not least, green tea works to protect your cells against environmental exposures that can increase the risk for breast cancer.

“12 Foods for Breast Cancer Prevention.”

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Written by: Sharan Kaur, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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