Grapefruit Is The Key To Weight Loss

Grapefruit Is The Key To Weight Loss

Happy National Grapefruit Month!  We’re celebrating with more great facts about the wondrous citrus fruit, Grapefruit.  A study at the University Of California just came to the same conclusion as us here at Indian River. Drinking Indian River Select® Brand Grapefruit Juice instead of water, could result in major weight loss when combined with a high-fat diet!

Grapefruit has long been a feature of fad diets. Substituting grapefruit juice instead of water could be the key to weight loss, according to a study by the University of California. The research published in Plos One, found that mice put on the same high-fat diet gained far less weight if they were given the juice to drink instead of water.

The study also surprisingly found improved levels of blood sugar and insulin among those given the juice, protecting against diabetes amongst other illnesses. Scientists said the juice appeared to work as well as the prescription drug metformin which is used to treat diabetes.

Even though Grapefruit has long been a feature of fad diets, you cannot deny its results. Interestingly, the researchers said it was not clear why the grapefruit juice appeared to help keep the weight off.

The study found that mice fed a high-fat diet gained 18 percent less weight when they drank clarified, no-pulp grapefruit juice compared with a control group of mice that drank water. Juice-drinking mice also showed improved levels of glucose, insulin and a type of fat called triacylglycerol compared with their water-drinking counterparts. The study authors randomly divided mice into six groups, including a control group that drank only water.  Sure, you still need water in your diet, but this just affirms what we’ve been saying and studying about our Grapefruit diet for years.

The researchers also added glucose and artificial sweeteners to the control group’s water so that it would match the calorie and saccharin content of the grapefruit juice.

At the end of the study period, the mice that drank diluted grapefruit juice not only gained less weight than their control counterparts, they also had a 13 to 17 percent decrease in blood glucose levels and a threefold decrease in insulin levels.

Some mice were fed a diet that was given a 60 percent fat, while others were put on a 10 per cent fat diet for 10 days. The study did not find as big an impact on mice that ate a low-fat diet.

In conclusion this study only confirms about the amazing natural attributes that grapefruit offers our body. We aren’t suggesting you completely replace water with grapefruit in your diet, but a few glasses a day to replace a glass of water may do wonders for your body. We suggest you give it a try!

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