Helpful Tips For Busy Parents

Helpful Tips For Busy Parents

Most parents don’t ever have time to just sit down.  We’re always doing something, the perpetual sense of being busy.  These daily pressures of family life can consume our peace of mind as easily as they consume our energy. How can we find serenity amid the chaos — and hold onto it for more than a fleeting moment?

So what is a busy parent to do? How can you avoid that seemingly inevitable crash? Here are some tips to help parents to get through the day!

  • Eat Breakfast.  Skipping breakfast as a busy parent is not an option.
  • Cook ahead on the weekend. Spend Sunday afternoon preparing dinners for the rest of the week then five o’clock will already to be ready for you. Also, try to grocery shop weekly instead of biweekly or monthly.
  • Learn to say no.  These days, most families are over-scheduled. Moms try to be everything to everybody, and it’s just not possible. You don’t need to join every group, volunteer for every committee, sign your kids up for every activity or attend every event. Decide the things that are truly important to you and your family and make them a priority. Say “no” or put everything else on the back burner.
  • Make Lists.  Sometimes this can be overwhelming, but it’s a good starting point to organize your to-do’s.  Make a list for the day, and a long term one for the week.
  • Eat healthier.  This seems like common sense, but when you eat healthier you have more energy and you feel better overall.
  • Make some “You” time.  It’s important that we have some time to decompress.  Be it a long shower, a power nap, a thirty minute read before bed, or a run on the treadmill, we all need some time that is just for us.  Schedule it if you have to!
  • Make use of your commute.  Listen to your favorite audio book.  Record notes for work.  Make necessary calls.
  • Spread your weekly chores/to-do list out and keep it flexible.  Make planned attempts at these goals, but give yourself some wiggle room as life as a parent often interrupts.
  • Prepare the night before. Getting your kids (and yourself) out the door in the morning can be a struggle.

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