Hurricane Irma Facts

Hurricane Irma Facts

We are all suffering from the effects of Hurricane Irma, but all working with all of our might to rebuild.  Statewide, the total agricultural cost of the storm will be in the billions, informal estimates suggest, the Florida Farm Bureau Federation. Irma’s winds and rains caused widespread destruction of crops, buildings, fencing and other property.   Our friends at Florida Citrus have given us an update of on what the impact of this natural disaster will have on all of us.

How did Hurricane Irma impact Florida Citrus groves?
Hurricane Irma had a significant impact on the Florida Citrus industry. Growers are still in the process of assessing the damage and it could take weeks to know the true scale of the impact. Florida Citrus growers have faced numerous challenges in the past, including freezes and hurricanes, but they are resilient and have always recovered.

What Florida Citrus areas in the state were most affected?
Due to the size and path of the storm, the entire Florida Citrus industry was affected. The southern Florida Citrus areas were affected the most but the damage is wide spread across the state.

How important is the Florida Citrus industry to the state of Florida?
The Florida Citrus industry contributes $8.6 billion to the state of Florida and supports 45,000 jobs.

Will the price of orange juice increase due to Hurricane Irma?
With supply affected, prices will most likely increase slightly. However, it may take some time for the prices to increase at your local grocery store.

What are the next steps for Florida Citrus growers?
The Florida Citrus industry is working with state and federal agencies to secure assistance to help with recovery efforts. Growers who can replant will. Florida Citrus growers need America’s support now more than ever. Keep buying Florida Orange Juice and fresh Florida Citrus.

How will this impact me and my family?
The Florida Orange Juice that you know and love will continue to be at your local grocery stores. Our Florida Citrus growers continue to be committed to providing you with the best tasting and highest quality Florida Orange Juice.

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