Losing Weight, Staying In Shape, And Feeling Great

Losing Weight, Staying In Shape, And Feeling Great

It’s a brand new year and many of us take this as a fresh new beginning to take better care of ourselves. Below you will find a couple of tips to help you meet your goals.

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Break It Up

If you want to start off the New Year right and adhere to your fitness goals, then I would suggest break up the goal you’d like to achieve into parts. The trick is to start small. If you’re trying to lose weight don’t just say you’re going to lose 30 lbs in one straight shot. Break it up. Promise yourself to lose 10lbs by a reasonable date and stick to it.

You can break things up even further using this same example by promising to go to the gym at least 3 times during the week and taking the stairs at least twice a week. By setting these reasonable goals you are more likely to ultimately succeed at your weight loss goal.

Reduce, Don’t Eliminate

A common mistake people make when they want to get in shape for the New Year, is that they completely eliminate the foods they love. They will swear off chocolate or beer and other trigger foods and expect to never eat them till they meet their goal. The truth is, this way of dieting always backfires. The trick is to not completely deprive yourself of the foods you love, but instead limit the amount you consume and the frequency with which you consume them. Then and only then, will you be making realistic fitness goals that you will likely follow.

Written by: Ian Aronovich, President and CEO of GovernmentAuctions.org


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