Making A Weight Loss Plan That Works

Making A Weight Loss Plan That Works

If beginning a weight loss plan for the new year is something you really feel seriously about, these simple tips will give you the strength to stick with it. And we all know it is work to change those ingrained habits. Of course, success will be that little needle moving down on the scale. Print this page out, highlight it, and hang it where you can see it daily, to make your weight loss plan work.


Plan your meals in advance. Shop with a list of only healthy foods on it and don’t shop when you’re hungry. Keep healthy foods around to snack on, like oranges, apples, and carrots. Set aside time segments for exercise on your calendar every week.


Jot down your meals, exercise, your thoughts about what does and doesn’t work for you. This will help you understand yourself better as you go through this new phase of your life. Keep a log of what you’ve eaten if you want. The 2012 Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that keeping a food journal will help you lose more.


Having someone to exercise with will make your workout more fun and help keep you going. When one of you is lacking will power, the other can fill the gap. Your companion can be your “accountability partner” as well. Knowing that someone is aware of your intent makes it harder to back out when the going gets tough.


Find a picture of when you were a slimmer self and put it up to remind yourself that you can be slim again. Get a mental picture of yourself and try to feel what it will be like to be thinner. You’ll be reminding yourself that you can achieve what you conceive.


Write motivational quotes on post-it notes and place them on your computer, in the kitchen, and by the scale. Put them on index cards to carry with you. Here’s one for you to start with:
“Start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.”


Things are never perfect, so don’t expect this new plan to unfold without a few wrinkles along the way. If you fail, just tell yourself to keep trying. Use the will power that you have, take care of the body you have. Begin, and begin again, if necessary. Do what you can and you will be able to do more before you know it.

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Written by: Ruby Moseley, FizzNiche Staff Writer

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