Study Shows Juice Is A Good Source of Hydration

Study Shows Juice Is A Good Source of Hydration

Summer is near us, and hydrating is surprisingly a common and even dangerous concern among the young and elderly, but also everyone else.  It’s very easy to avoid hydrating properly, and when the right circumstances occur this could result in hospitalization or worse.  A study was recently done and shared on to evaluate exactly what drinks have what effect on the body, and how you can evaluate yourself by some of the data mentioned here.  We go to great lengths to maintain our health, so paying attention to what we drink should be easy!  Below are the results, charts, and information to help guide you to staying hydrated and you as the warm weather approaches.

Hydration is an approximately measurement of reserves of water on the human body, and a severe reduction in hydration from either no water intake or diuretic usage is known as dehydration.

This study recruited 72 recreationally active, healthy male participants between the ages of 18 and 35. A large number of participants were needed due to the study design, which tested 13 different beverages. Each participant completed a maximum of four experimental trials that included water along with three other test drinks. Participants recorded their diet and exercise during the two days before the first trial and were asked to replicate it before their subsequent visits. They were also asked to avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol in the 24 hours preceding all trials.

Not all beverages are created equal from a hydration standpoint. Absorption is affected by the amount of fluid ingested, electrolyte and carbohydrate content, and the presence of diuretic agents (substances that promote urine production). For example, milk has been shown to be more effective than both water and sports drinks for re-hydration after strenuous exercise.

The study further shows surprising results other than milk and skim milk exhibiting re-hydration qualities, but sports drinks and sparkling water less helpful that cola’s.  The great news is orange juice is great for you!  Obviously stray away from soda, beers, coffee, and tea, but feel good when you refresh yourself with a cool glass of juice now.

How do you know if you are dehydrated?  There are plenty of great indicator’s such as dizziness, headaches, dry mouth, and an overall sense of lethargy.  The easiest way to determine if you are dehydrated is to assess your urine, which is not as difficult as you’d think.  Check this chart below to consult your status.


This study takes the important first step toward establishing a beverage hydration index, which can be used to compare the short-term hydration potential of different beverages. This can serve a similar purpose as the glycemic index and insulin index: a way to compare how different liquids get processed and absorbed by our bodies. Note that hydration prior to the test was controlled for, so participants were in a euhydrated state.


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