Tips To Get Fit For Summer

Tips To Get Fit For Summer

We all want to be motivated to “get fit” for summer, but it does take more than just a crash diet or fix.  It takes commitment and a willingness to change your daily choices, but once you do it becomes habit and just a part of your daily life.  The trick is finding what activities work for you and what long term diet plan will work for you.  Below are some tips to help you reach your healthy summer goals and check out our Grapefruit Juice Diet if you are interested in a diet plan with great long term results.

1. Eat Breakfast.  It’s the most important meal of the day and when you start the day off healthy and on track it’s easier to keep going throughout the rest of the day.

2.  Start Your Day With Exercise.  If possible get up an hour early and get your workout in.  Not only have you already accomplished your workout for the entire day, but you’ll find you have far more energy.

3.  Eat your fruit and veggies.  Each meal, have a serving or two of veggies. Snack on fruit on the in between.  Keep the healthy goodies with you at all times.

4.  Go swimming.  Don’t just take your kids swimming, go swimming with them.  Burns a lot of calories.

5.  Meal Plan.  Some days you’ll be too busy to throw together dinner or plan healthy lunches, but if you do this ahead of time you’ll be all set for the surprises of the week.

6.  Be flexible on your workouts.  Make a plan you want to stick to loosely, but can adjust if life calls for it.

7.  Make “Get Together’s” about Events not Meals.  Most of us plan family gatherings around food.  Plan a trip or a day out were food is a secondary action.

9.  Sign up to run or walk a 5K.  There are hundreds of 5k’s you can choose from and most are family friendly.

10.  Take walks.  If it’s too hot, do an early morning or evening walk with the family or your significant other.  It’s a great time for talks and for exercise.

11.  Get up early.  Even on the weekends.  You’ll find you’re more productive if you stick to the same routine and motivation you have on workdays.

12.  Try For 8 Hours of Sleep.  Catch as many Z’s as you can.  It will replenish you and give you more energy for the next days events.

13.  Drink water.  Juice is also a great hydration tool.  But make sure you keep hydrated…….always.

15.  Keep up your normal healthy eating and habits when on vacation.  Plan things that are active.  Bike ride on a trail, canoe or kayak down the river, go for a hike or go swimming.


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