100% Valencia Orange Juice


Indian River Select® Valencia Orange juice is created with a variety of orange called the “Valencia orange”. Named after a region in Spain with a reputation for having sweet citrus trees, Valencia oranges are prized for being a particularly sweet variety of orange with an excellent taste. Our 100% Valencia Orange juice is made with only 100% premium juice. We use fruit that has been carefully chosen from various growing regions, gently squeezed, blended, and pasteurized. This gives you a richer, sweeter taste and high-quality juice. Naturally, nutrient-rich with essential vitamins and minerals, our juices are a great choice to enjoy every day!

Indian River Select® is available at grocery stores in the eastern United States. If you cannot find our juices at your local grocery store, please ask the store manager to carry our products. It is the retailer that chooses which product they carry and in what sizes.

SIZES 28oz, 52oz


Serving Size 8 fl oz
Servings per 52 fl oz
Servings per container about 7
Calories per serving 110
Total fat per serving 0g

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