Beet the Hangover

Who hasn’t been there? We swear we’ll pace ourselves, sip water between drinks, and grab a bite, but sometimes all that goes out the window. Dehydration, lost electrolytes, liver overload, and a cranky stomach are something we can all live without!

So if you partied a bit too hard last night, try this juice to bounce back. It’s packed with natural sugars, vitamins, and electrolytes, it helps your liver detox and reduces inflammation.

Beat the fuzz and get on with your day! 🌞🍹

Ingredients (makes 2 shots)

    1. Wash all produce well.
    2. Peel beet.
    3. Add all produce through juicer.
    4. Add the orange and grapefruit juice, mix well.
    5. Sit back, and enjoy and let this tonic restore your energy!

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