Before I start let me tell you how important the quality of your orange juice is. You DO NOT want orange juice with added sugar or coming from concentrate. You want 100% fresh-squeezed orange juice. Yes, it would be ideal if you could squeeze your own but ain’t nobody got time for that.. That’s why I only choose Indian River Select Orange juice. It’s the closest thing you can get to squeeze it yourself.

A single cup of orange juice gives you 2x the amount of vitamin C you need in a day. Vitamin C is essential for your immune health. While most people already know this, there are some benefits you might not realize. ????

Orange juice is high in folate, which is essential for fetal development. If you are trying or already pregnant, make sure you are drinking OJ! It is going to be much more bioavailable than your prenatal. It’s even essential while breastfeeding. Drinking 3-5 servings of 100% orange juice per week will double your breast milk vitamin C concentrations.

Orange juice is high in antioxidants. These may help towards reducing oxidative stress, and decrease your chances of chronic disease, and may even help slow down aging.

Orange juice helps reduce blood pressure + bad cholesterol, improving your overall health.

Orange juice may help to decrease inflammation which is the single most common problem in today’s society.

Orange juice helps increase your iron, making it important for anyone anemic through increasing red blood cells. Plus it will be easier on your liver than most common iron supplements.

One of my favorite factors is that it can help increase collagen production, which can help in keeping your skin looking and joints feeling young.

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