The start of a new year has a way of motivating me to evaluate my family’s lifestyle routines and healthy food habits. It’s a time when I have wellness at the forefront of my mind! One commitment I have made in recent years is to be more thoughtful about what I add to my family’s weekly grocery list. Lists help me decide on better food ingredients and snacks before I ever step foot into the store. Planning helps ensure that better options are incorporated into our fridge and pantry. It’s truly a great way for me to stay focused, avoid unnecessary purchases, and make healthier choices for both myself and my family. 

One classic, healthy staple that is consistently on my grocery list is Indian River Select Orange juice! I am so thrilled about this partnership because simply put – our family loves Indian River Select orange juice more than any brand we’ve tried. For fellow moms of picky eaters, you know what a victory that can be! Their juices, which range in variety from orange to grapefruit and more, are 100% natural and not from concentrate. As a mom, this is something I always look for on food labels. It’s great that I can serve my family a better product without any added flavors, sugars or preservatives. Indian River Select, a sunny Florida-based company, has impressed me with their commitment to providing high-quality ingredients with customers’ health and tastes in mind. 

Carefully planning for my grocery run has allowed me to not only figure out what products my family needs, but how we can use them! Here are a few ways our family enjoys Indian River Select juices in our household: 

  1. Having a glass with our breakfast or afternoon snacks. Breakfast and orange juice go together like peanut butter and jelly. It always reminds me of my weekend breakfasts growing up! My kids love to have orange juice alongside their eggs, bagels, or oatmeal! They are also the perfect addition to animal crackers or goldfish snacks!
  2. Adding juice to smoothies. Indian River Select juices are a go-to addition to our blender when making smoothies. You can use any other juices from their line as well, such as ruby grapefruit or orange carrot for a more creative flair! I always have fresh fruits, veggies, and protein powders on my grocery list so I can whip up a quick blend for myself as a post-workout drink!

  3. The secret ingredient. Orange juice is also a great way to sweeten up a chicken dish or a quick muffin recipe. You can also work it into a marinade for a steak or shrimp meal! The possibilities are truly endless, and it’s a great way to provide your meal with natural sugars as opposed to artificial sweeteners! 

Here’s a bonus! With wellness in mind, the benefits of orange juice mean you’re getting an excellent source of vitamin C, folate, potassium, and other healthy nutrients our bodies need. One cup provides twice the recommended amount of vitamin c we need daily. Anything to give our immune system an added boost of protection, especially in the winter months, is a huge mom win in my book! 

When it comes to nutrition, I always take a balanced approach. I don’t strive for perfection, but I do try to be more mindful about what I buy for my family. Partnering with companies with similar commitments is something that makes me so happy! You can look for Indian River Select in the refrigerated juice aisle at Publix, Whole Foods, Kroger, Walmart, and more!


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