Customer DIY: Make Your Own Grapefruit Soap

There’s nothing more fun than learning about the different ways our customers love to use our juices. Pouring yourself a tall glass of juice is a classic way to enjoy Indian River Select, but it isn’t the only way.

Plenty of people love to use our juice for livening up smoothies, adding a little something extra to their meal, or shaking up happy hour. We encourage everyone to reach out to us with their favorite ways to use Indian River juices, and we recently saw our juice being used in a new and exciting way!

Have you ever smelled soap that’s scented so nicely that you’re tempted to eat it? When our Facebook follower Jennifer Rodriguez mentioned that she used our grapefruit juice to make soap, we knew we had to find out her technique. Luckily, she was kind enough to share her soap making process with us.

Want to try something new? Follow this “recipe” and let us know what you think of this homemade citrus soap!


5 parts grapefruit juice
3 parts distilled unscented liquid soap
1 part water
1 part coconut oil (to prevent skin dryness)
A splash of lime
Reusable soap bottle with foaming pump
Favorite essential oil (optional)


Combine all ingredients in a soap bottle with a foaming pump. Once all ingredients are added, shake the bottle vigorously for a few seconds for immediate use.

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