No matter which holidays you celebrate, there’s a special festive feeling in the air this time of year! However busy you might be, there’s always time to gather with your family and closest friends. People are traveling all over the world to come home, to visit their loved ones, or maybe to escape the cold somewhere warm and sunny. Do you have a family holiday tradition that’s been passed down over generations? Or maybe a new tradition that you’ve started?

This year, we want to share our own Indian River Select® tradition with you. For us, December is all about family, and of course: citrus. While we’re lucky that delicious Florida oranges can grow all year long, they’re most plentiful beginning in December and on through May. We always use the freshest fruit available picked at its peak to make our juices, so this is an exciting time for us! Our tradition of using locally grown fruit to make delicious, fresh juices in small batches goes back to generations of citrus growing families in Florida.

It all started with our founder, Cliff Burg, born and raised in Florida and surrounded by citrus grove culture. Cliff’s mother used to carefully wrap individual oranges and grapefruits to ship out of Florida to the rest of the country, and even had her own citrus nursery. His father worked the groves. Cliff grew up knowing how special it is to preserve the natural deliciousness of fresh fruit when making orange and grapefruit juice. And that’s what we continue to do! Why change traditions that work so well? Our delicate method of flash pasteurization preserves the quality of freshness of our Florida-picked citrus, so it tastes like you got it from the grove yourself.

We’re honored that we can keep the tradition going and continue serving families all over the country with our all-natural juices. We like to think that we’re sending you a sweet taste of Florida sunshine. Cheers to you, your family, and all those traditions that stand the test of time!

Here’s hoping you enjoy the holidays with your loved ones.

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