As November rolls around we are likely to think about the things that we are grateful for in this life. For most of us the holidays are a joyful time to celebrate with family and overindulge in delicious treats. However, for those who are a little less fortunate it can be a really rough time. Not everyone has the means to have a plentiful Thanksgiving dinner with their family, and not everyone has a family to spend this special time with, everyone has a different story. Which is why at Indian River Select we want to encourage you to think about what you can do for others in the spirit of the Holiday season. After all, even small deeds can really brighten up people’s days. We truly believe in the concept of random acts of kindness. Next time you see an opportunity to do something kind for someone in your community, please take it. If you see someone struggling to carry something, help them out! If you’re getting lunch and you have some extra change for another meal, why not buy it and give it to someone who looks like they are in need? If there are any local charity events coming up, go ahead and volunteer! If you see someone who looks lost or upset, be the person who had the courage to reach out and ask them if they are ok. Even just going through a drive through and paying for the next person in line can make someone’s week!

In the spirit of the holiday season we would also like to share a lovely recipe that utilize our Indian River Select citrus juices to help add a new pop of flavor to your holiday dishes this year.

Thanksgiving Recipe:
For your family Thanksgiving feast this year, we highly recommend trying out this delicious Roast Turkey with Orange and Sage recipe from The New York Times. This recipe utilizes delicious orange juice to keep your turkey juicy and flavorful this year! So, go ahead and try it out using our premium Indian River Select Orange Juice and Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice!


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