Discover The Taste of Valencia Orange Juice

Have you ever wondered why Valencia orange juice tastes so good? It’s no coincidence that most major juice brands use Valencia oranges in their products. There’s a lot you should know about this naturally sweet and juicy orange. 

Florida Valencia oranges are actually named after Valencia, Spain, a region that’s known for producing sweet citrus fruits. Despite the relatively small number of seeds the oranges have, it’s still considered the perfect orange for juicing.

Juice from Valencia oranges tends to be brightly colored and has the ideal mix of sweet and tart flavors that can produce a truly refreshing drink. The natural presence of Limonin in Valencia seeds also helps preserve the juice and keep it tasting fresh and sweet. 

Indian River Select® Valencia Orange juice is created from the same amazing fruit. Our 100% Valencia Orange juice is made with only 100% premium juice. We use only peak season fruit that has been carefully chosen from various growing regions, gently squeezed, blended, and pasteurized. This gives you a richer, sweeter taste and high-quality juice. Naturally, nutrient-rich with essential vitamins and minerals, our juices are a great choice to enjoy every day!

Do you want to try a glass of Indian River Select® Valencia orange juice to judge the taste for yourself? You can find a variety of Indian River Select® products at grocery stores throughout the eastern United States. If you go to your favorite local store and don’t see Indian River Select® on the shelves, let them know! 

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